Helmut Marko: Red Bull don't have to win every race

Red Bull team consultant Helmut Marko believes their dominance in the constructors' and drivers' Formula 1 Championship means it's not necessary to try and claim victory in every race.

Max Verstappen leads the championship standings by 93 points over Red Bull teammate Sergio Perez and 98 over third-placed Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc. So far heading into this weekend's Dutch Grand Prix, Vertappen has won nine of the seasons 14 races.

The last time Red Bull won the constructors' championship was in 2013 and currently lead second-placed Ferrari by 118 points.

So, it makes sense for Marko to not want to risk anything by chasing for the victories in the remaining races.

"The good thing is we don't have to win every race," Marko told F1i.

"If we see we can't win, okay, we go for points. There are still eight races to go. I believe we have to win two or three more to be safe in the championship."

Heading to this weekend's "home race" for Verstappen at Zandvoort, Marko said the key for Red Bull to do well is down to qualifying near the front of the grid.

"At Zandvoort, you have to qualify very well, because overtaking is very difficult and you don't know what the weather forecast is, if it's windy, or if there's sand on the circuit," Marko added.

"We knew already before the break that we would change the engine here and thought, 'okay, let's at least try to get points' but after the qualifying lap we thought a podium should be possible, but Jos said, 'No, he will win'."

The last time Red Bull dominated F1 was a decade ago when Sebastian Vettel won the title four times in a row.

"We haven't had dominance like that since then. This time, we have strong opposition," said Marko.

"With Vettel, we mainly raced against Ferrari, one year against McLaren but here we race against Ferrari and Mercedes, so we are satisfied, and we are really proud."

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