Fred Vasseur: Good relationship with Toto Wolff 'an advantage for Ferrari Formula 1 ambitions'

Ferrari team boss, Fred Vasseur, sees no downside to his close friendship with Mercedes Formula 1 rival, Toto Wolff.

Despite the deep-rooted rivalries in the "Piranha Club" of F1 team bosses, Vasseur believes that their friendship could actually work in their favour.

When asked by if he would hesitate to throw Wolff under the bus, Vasseur joked, "We're not speaking anymore," before adding, "I think globally, it's an advantage, but we have to be clever."

Vasseur explains that while the two will "fight like hell" on and off the track, their close relationship could be a huge advantage for F1 when it comes to finding common ground and agreements between teams.

The Ferrari boss feels that the closeness between him and Wolff is sometimes overplayed, as he maintains good relationships with a number of other team bosses.

"I think this is always good. Then we have to be clever enough to split completely [this friendship]," he adds.

Will the friendship between Vasseur and Wolff have a positive impact on Ferrari's F1 ambitions?

Only time will tell, but for now, it's a unique dynamic in the high-stakes world of Formula 1.

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