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F1: Ferrari could implement new floor to boost performance for Spanish Grand Prix

Reports from Sky Italia suggest that Ferrari are gearing up to introduce a significant upgrade for this weekend's F1 Spanish Grand Prix.

Ferrari are implementing a new floor, potentially being fitted to the SF-24 just in time for the race in Barcelona.

Experts estimate that this new floor could provide a performance boost worth two tenths of a second, benefiting drivers Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc.

The upgrade forms part of a larger package of improvements scheduled to be unveiled at Silverstone next month, marking a strategic move by Ferrari to enhance their competitiveness on the track.

This upgrade comes at a crucial time for Ferrari, following a disappointing outing in the previous race.

Both Sainz and Leclerc suffered unexpected retirements at the Canadian Grand Prix, highlighting lingering engine issues within the Ferrari team.

The troubles experienced in Canada echoed difficulties faced earlier in the season at the Chinese Grand Prix, serving as a stark reminder of the challenges Ferrari is working to overcome with their SF-24 car.

However, the introduction of the new floor in Barcelona has injected a sense of optimism as the European leg of the season kicks off with a triple-header of races.

Currently, Charles Leclerc holds second place in the drivers' championship, trailing behind the formidable Max Verstappen. McLaren's Lando Norris follows closely in third, with Carlos Sainz in fourth position.

In the constructors' standings, Ferrari maintains a lead over McLaren, holding second place as they continue their pursuit of success on the F1 circuit.

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