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Ferrari chief Frederic Vasseur addresses exhaustion concerns amidst expanding Formula 1 calendar

In the realm of Formula 1, Ferrari team principal Frederic Vasseur dispels concerns surrounding the toll of an extended race calendar on team personnel.

With the upcoming 2024 season slated to feature a record-breaking 24 races, Vasseur rejects the notion that reducing the calendar is imperative for the well-being of staff.

Vasseur acknowledges the challenges posed by the gruelling schedule but asserts that innovative solutions can mitigate its impact. Addressing the issue of fatigue affecting pit stops, he proposes the possibility of rotating mechanics or employing separate teams for on-site races and factory car maintenance.

"We need to have the best approach for the mechanics because it's part of the performance, it's part of the reliability," Vasseur emphasizes to media, citing the increased error rate during the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix due to exhaustion.

Despite concerns, Vasseur highlights the strength of F1, attributing the expanded calendar to heightened interest in hosting Grand Prix events. He notes that the sport has transitioned from struggling to find tracks to now having numerous proposals, allowing for a selective approach to events.

While acknowledging the need to refine the calendar, Vasseur dismisses the idea of reducing the number of events. Instead, he suggests optimizing the schedule by grouping races strategically, alleviating pressure on the teams and drivers.

"As we work on the calendar, we aim to manage the team properly, giving them some rest. I don't think we have to reduce the number of events," Vasseur asserts.

Looking ahead to the eagerly anticipated 2024 season, Formula 1 enthusiasts anticipate a gripping renewal of competition.

After a well-deserved break, teams and drivers will reconvene for the official F1 pre-season testing at the Bahrain International Circuit in Sakhir. The Bahrain Grand Prix circuit will set the stage for teams to showcase their potential and vie for supremacy from February 23-25.


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