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Fernando Alonso criticizes unfair Formula 1 pre-season testing format

As anticipation mounts for the 2024 Formula 1 season, Aston Martin driver Fernando Alonso voices sharp criticism regarding the current pre-season testing format.

The upcoming pre-season testing at the Bahrain International Circuit in Sakhir, slated for February 21-23, serves as the battleground where teams will commence their quest for dominance.

Alonso, a two-time World Champion, deems the current testing regulations as unjust, lamenting the limited track time allocated to drivers. Under the existing setup, each driver receives merely one and a half days of testing, a restriction that perplexes Alonso amidst F1's purported drive for heightened fan engagement.

Expressing his discontent, Alonso advocates for an extension of the testing period to four days, enabling each driver to undertake two full days of testing. Alternatively, he proposes allowing teams to operate both cars simultaneously, granting both drivers equal opportunities to refine their setups and gather crucial data ahead of the gruelling championship ahead.

"In Bahrain, we're faced with very limited testing, which strikes me as deeply unfair as we prepare for a world championship," Alonso remarked to the press. "Considering the resources and prestige associated with Formula 1, it's befuddling that we're constrained to such brief testing periods. 

"We should strive for equity – whether that means extending the testing duration or permitting teams to run both cars concurrently."

Alonso's critique underscores broader discussions within the Formula 1 community about enhancing the sport's competitiveness and ensuring fair opportunities for all teams and drivers. As the pre-season testing looms large, fans eagerly await the spectacle that will unfold on the Bahraini asphalt, signalling the imminent arrival of another thrilling chapter in Formula 1 history.

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