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Aston Martin team boss Mike Krack confident Fernando Alonso will race with Honda in 2026

Mike Krack backs driver Fernando Alonso to still be part of Aston Martin in 2026 when they join forces with Honda.

Team boss Mike Krack expressed unwavering confidence in Fernando Alonso's future with Aston Martin as their technical partnership with Honda commences in 2026.

In a statement to media at Monaco, Krack said, "There is no reason to think he should not be with us in the car in 2026," emphasizing his belief in Alonso's continued presence within the team.

Aston Martin's decision to sever ties with customer Mercedes power units and forge an alliance with Honda for Formula 1's upcoming power unit regulations has raised questions regarding Alonso's involvement. The seasoned driver, who would reach the age of 45 in the middle of 2026, endured a tumultuous stint with Honda during their collaboration with McLaren from 2015 to 2017. Notably, Alonso openly criticized Honda's power unit as a "GP2 engine" during the Japanese Grand Prix in 2015 and faced restrictions in using Honda power for his 2020 Indianapolis 500 campaign.
Despite their history, Honda have expressed their willingness to work with Alonso again, prompting Krack to assert his conviction that Alonso will be behind the wheel. "I cannot see one single reason why he would not be," Krack told media representatives in Monaco. He further revealed that Alonso was kept informed throughout the discussions with Honda, highlighting the driver's integral role within the team alongside Lance Stroll.
"We value our drivers' input, just as we do with every topic, because they are key members of the team," Krack stated. "We have a very good relationship with our drivers, as evident in their involvement and contributions during team discussions. It's a united team where everyone's opinion counts."
Reflecting on the challenges faced during the McLaren-Honda partnership, Krack acknowledged the lack of effective collaboration and cultural understanding between the two entities. However, he expressed optimism about the improved working dynamics that have emerged over time, attributing it to the world's closer integration and better understanding of different cultures. Krack also credited technical director Dan Fallows and Aston Martin performance technologies CEO Martin Whitmarsh, who possess prior experience working with Honda, for fostering fruitful relationships.
"The openness and transparency in our exchanges have been remarkable," Krack remarked. "The familiarity Dan and Martin have with the Japanese culture and individuals has undoubtedly facilitated the process. We're eagerly looking forward to continuing this positive approach and collaboration."
As Aston Martin embraces Honda's return to the sport, Krack's unwavering support for Alonso serves as a testament to the team's confidence in the veteran driver's abilities, solidifying their commitment to a successful partnership in the upcoming 2026 season.

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