Eddie Jordan: Adrian Newey has not committed to Ferrari

Former F1 team owner Eddie Jordan has refuted claims that Adrian Newey has already agreed to join Ferrari in for the 2025 campaign.

This denial follows recent developments ahead of the Miami Grand Prix, where Red Bull announced that Newey would be departing the team in the first quarter of next year.

This announcement has put an end to weeks of speculation surrounding Newey's future amidst growing uncertainty within Red Bull.

Newey, hailed as one of the greatest Formula 1 designers of all time, has been a key figure in multiple championship victories with teams like Williams, McLaren, and Red Bull.

With Newey set to leave Red Bull next year, numerous teams have expressed interest in acquiring his expertise.

Ferrari is considered the leading candidate to sign Newey, though McLaren and Williams are also keen to bring him on board.

Despite these rumours, Jordan, who manages Newey, has stated that no decision has been made regarding a switch to Ferrari.

He emphasised that while there is significant interest from various teams, Newey's future remains undecided.

"It's really very wrong to be so blatant about [Newey] joining a certain team," Jordan told the Formula for Success podcast.

"I'm speaking as someone who should know, and I'm not giving any information away, at no stage is any of this kind of discussion happening.

"There will be talks, and there is going to be ongoing talks, because we have yet to decide what Adrian himself wants to do."

"Let us be very clear, it will always be Adrian's decision - and so it should be - but there is no clear call," he added.

"I can give my absolute life on that. There is no inclination to go in any particular way at the moment.

“We are looking at the opportunities and we are letting people come to talk to us.“

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