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  • Damon Hill: Lando Norris' Breakthrough Win A Turning Point In F Career

Damon Hill: Lando Norris' breakthrough win a turning point in F1 career

Lando Norris' first Formula 1 victory could be a pivotal moment in his career, according to former world champion Damon Hill.

The McLaren driver ended his winless streak in dramatic fashion at the Miami Grand Prix, achieving victory on his 110th attempt and surpassing Red Bull's Max Verstappen.

This significant win erased the dubious record Norris held for most podiums without a win and put to rest doubts lingering from his near-miss at the 2021 Russian Grand Prix. During that race, Norris was poised to win until a late rainstorm and strategic missteps cost him the victory, leading to speculation that he struggled under pressure.

Damon Hill, speaking on the F1 Nation podcast, dismissed these criticisms, emphasizing Norris' resilience and talent. "I heard that some people suggested he was a choker. Well, I never thought of Lando in that way," Hill stated.

"He's shown all the qualities of a future Grand Prix winner and potential world champion. He's paid his dues and learned the hard way."

Hill drew parallels with his own career, recalling his close calls before achieving consistent success. "I remember how I came so close so many times before it finally happened.

"That is the nature of this sport. You get a little closer and then something trips you up, and you start to wonder if it will ever happen. But you keep pushing, knowing that eventually, the door will open."

Reflecting on Norris' breakthrough, Hill added, "That's certainly what happened in my case when I started winning more often, and I expect Lando can do the same now."

When asked about the psychological impact of waiting for a first win, Hill noted, "It's not so much your own psyche, it's just annoying. All these guys think they can win if the right circumstances come along.

"For Lando, winning now proves what he already knew: he can do it. It's just that the public and media are impatient and sceptical."

Hill believes that achieving the first win is a defining moment, setting a driver apart from his peers. "When you win, you also change perceptions. You've put others behind you in terms of success, and that's what Lando has done."

The Formula 1 calendar now moves to the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix at the historic Imola circuit from May 17-19. This race is expected to add another thrilling chapter to the season, with teams and drivers vying for crucial points in the championship battle. For Norris, the upcoming races offer a chance to build on his Miami triumph and further establish himself as a force to be reckoned with in Formula 1.

Norris' victory in Miami is more than just a personal milestone; it symbolizes his arrival among the elite drivers in the sport. As the season progresses, fans and competitors alike will be watching closely to see if this win marks the beginning of a new era for the talented young Briton.

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