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Christian Horner: Red Bull's decision-making beyond Max Verstappen's opinions

Red Bull's stance on decision-making in Formula 1 goes beyond Max Verstappen's opinions, emphasized team principal Christian Horner amidst recent off-track dramas.

Verstappen, eyeing his fourth consecutive Drivers' title, clinched two back-to-back wins despite controversies surrounding the Milton Keynes-based outfit. 

Allegations against Horner added fuel to the fire, with motorsport advisor Helmut Marko's potential suspension looming. However, such speculations were swiftly dispelled during the recent Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

Addressing Verstappen's influence on team decisions, Horner stated, "We have a very good relationship with Max and we listen to whatever Max has to say. But the team will always make the right decisions for the team."

Concerns over Marko's future were settled when he appeared alongside Red Bull GmbH managing director Oliver Mintzlaff in Saudi Arabia. Horner emphasized the collective role each member plays in the team's success, reiterating Marko's significance as a consultant and advisor.

"As we gear up for the Australian Grand Prix," Horner added, "our focus remains on maintaining stability and leveraging the expertise of our team members."

The Australian Grand Prix, slated for March 22-24, marks the third race of the F1 season. The Albert Park circuit, spanning 5.278km, presents a challenging terrain for drivers, characterized by bumps and shifting grip levels, testing their skill and adaptability.

In the midst of the unfolding drama and anticipation surrounding the upcoming race, Red Bull Racing stand firm in their commitment to strategic decision-making, rooted in collective wisdom rather than individual sway.

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