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Carlos Sainz battling illness, pushes through adversity at Saudi Arabian GP

Carlos Sainz, despite battling illness, showcased resilience during the initial practice day of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix on Thursday.

The Ferrari driver, though hampered by sickness, persevered through the challenges of the Jeddah Corniche Circuit.

Having missed media engagements due to his ailment, Sainz returned to the track for practice sessions, albeit under the weather. Reflecting on his efforts, he admitted, "A very difficult day after being sick, the last 24 hours have been difficult for me."

Despite his physical setback, Sainz diligently pursued his objectives, prioritizing learning and adjustment over pushing the limits. He remarked, "It was all about trying to get myself on track and learn as much as possible from the car without really pushing too much to the limits as I am still not ideal."

Acknowledging his gradual improvement throughout the sessions, Sainz attributed the progress to personal adaptation rather than the car's performance. He confessed, "This was more me than the car to be honest."

Looking ahead to the forthcoming challenges, Sainz remained optimistic, expressing hope for a better state, stating, "Hopefully, I'm feeling better. Even if I probably will not be 100 per cent, feeling better will allow me to be more on the limit."

With the focus shifting towards qualifying, Sainz recognized the need for preparation, emphasizing the significance of Friday's sessions. Aware of the circuit's demands, he acknowledged the need for improvement in his long runs.

The Jeddah Corniche Circuit, renowned for its high-speed layout and intricate corners, poses a formidable challenge to drivers. With an average speed of 252km/h, it ranks among the fastest circuits on the calendar, trailing only Monza. Featuring 27 corners along the picturesque Jeddah waterfront, it promises a thrilling spectacle for Formula 1 enthusiasts.

As Sainz and his competitors brace themselves for the qualifying session, the stage is set for an enthralling battle on the challenging streets of Jeddah.

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