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  • Bernie Collins Reckons Shanghai International Circuit May Suit Ferrari

Bernie Collins reckons Shanghai International Circuit may suit Ferrari

F1 strategy expert Bernie Collins is optimistic about Ferrari's prospects at the Chinese Grand Prix, believing that the Shanghai International Circuit will suit them.

The return of Formula 1 to China after a hiatus since 2019 is a significant moment, with the absence primarily attributed to the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 2024 F1 season has seen Red Bull emerge as dominant, clinching victory in three out of the first four races. However, Ferrari showcased their potential by securing a win in Australia, capitalising on Max Verstappen's rare non-finish.

As anticipation builds for the Chinese Grand Prix, Collins, who previously served as Aston Martin's strategist, is optimistic about Ferrari's performance. 

She predicts that the Italian team will be able to narrow the gap to Red Bull while also pulling ahead of competitors like McLaren.

"I think it will play to Ferrari's strengths," she said. 

"There's a chance that Ferrari will have closed the gap a little bit to Red Bull and maybe taken a little step away from McLaren."

"Previous to Japan, Mercedes were really unhappy with the car and there was a lot of discussion that their simulation wasn't working correctly. So how they're assimilating the car reacts to certain changes, to certain environments.

"That's not great if you're going into a new race or if you're going into a race with a lot of unknowns. If you are struggling to simulate a race that you've been to four times in the last four years, then it's not great for one that you've not been to either, unless two wrongs somehow make a right and you ace the setup."

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