Aston Martin's car development for the 2023 F1 campaign will be ambitious

Aston Martin will be aggressive in their approach to car development as they aim to close the gap to the top teams in 2023.

After a poor start to the 2022 season, Aston Martin started climbing the order after introducing a heavily overhauled package for the Spanish Grand Prix.

They are now in a battle with Alfa Romeo for sixth place, trailing them by only four points.

"We want to get to the front of the midfield pack and then start charging ahead - to do that, we've got to be aggressive," said Performance Director Tom McCullough.

"We tried to be aggressive as we could this year, but with the budget cap and resources available this has been difficult. There are parts that we would love to have made. The front wing, for example, is largely the same as the one with which we started the year.

"There's so much we could have done, but we couldn't afford to within the budget cap - especially after the significant changes we made to car in Barcelona. The formula has changed somewhat.

"For 2023, we've got to put all our ideas and learnings from this year together to deliver a significantly better car. It's all relative though, as every other team will be doing the same.

"We think the path we're now on is the right one, and we'll be able to iterate our 2023 car to consistently deliver more performance rather than having to change concept mid-season.

"All the new members of the team have bedded in well - lots of new ideas are flowing - and they're complementing the skills and experience of existing team members.

"And, crucially, everyone is pushing in the same direction. There's been no 'which way do we go?' We know the direction we need to go. We've kept our heads down and pulled together to make steps forward with the car during the season and ensure we're on the right path for 2023."

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