Andretti lures key staff members from F1 rivals

Michael Andretti's foray into Formula 1 has made waves as his project poaches staff members from established squads like Red Bull and Mercedes.

Having cleared the initial hurdle with the FIA's approval last year, Andretti's project is now engaged in discussions with the commercial rights holder, a significant step towards realising its F1 aspirations.

However, the path forward is not without obstacles. Formula One Management (FOM) has displayed hesitancy towards expanding the grid, with concerns raised by existing teams regarding the potential impact on end-of-year revenue shares should an 11th squad be added.

Nick Chester, Technical Director at Andretti Global, expressed astonishment at the level of interest generated by the project. 

The allure of being part of Andretti's venture has evidently resonated strongly within the motorsport community, drawing talent away from established teams.

"I was pleasantly surprised, in a way, how easy it was to draw people to the project," he told The Athletic.

"There's a real draw of a new team, the Andretti name. A blank sheet tends to have a very proactive culture.

"We've had people joining from Red Bull, Ferrari, Mercedes, McLaren. They all wanted a new challenge. It's that real potential to shape departments, which is very attractive."

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