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  • Andrea Stella: McLaren Could Struggle At Chinese Grand Prix

Andrea Stella: McLaren could struggle at Chinese Grand Prix

McLaren team principal Andrea Stella expects the team to struggle at the Chinese Grand Prix, due to the Shanghai International Circuit's characteristics.

McLaren began the 2024 season on a positive note, entering the fifth round as the third-best team, ahead of traditional powerhouse Mercedes. 

However, the team acknowledged that its weakness in low-speed corners remains a significant concern, a challenge yet to be fully addressed.

This vulnerability could be particularly pronounced at certain circuits, with the Shanghai International Circuit posing a significant challenge for McLaren. 

The 5.4km track is renowned for its abundance of low-speed corners, including tight hairpins and a complex sequence from Turn 1 to 4, which demands grip and stability - areas where McLaren has historically struggled compared to its competitors.

"I have to say that of these first part of the season, China is the track that worries me the most from a competitiveness point of view," said Stella.

"You have so much low-speed, hairpins. Even in corner two, corner three, you spend so long in long corners.

"And I think it's been a theme I've been repeating. So far, we haven't been able to improve the car enough in these low-speed, medium-speed long corners.

"So from a competitive competitiveness point of view, I would expect a more difficult situation than here in Suzuka, Australia and the first part of the season.

"China may be a bit of damage limitation for us. And then from Miami onwards, hopefully we start kind of a better stage of this 2024 season and more to come in the second part of the season."

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