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Alex Albon: Kevin Magnussen's off-track pass could lead to issues in F1

Alex Albon has voiced apprehension over Kevin Magnussen's daring manoeuvre during the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, fearing it could set a dangerous precedent.

The incident unfolded during a Safety Car restart on lap 10, where Albon found himself on the receiving end of an aggressive move by Magnussen, resulting in the Haas driver receiving a 10-second penalty from the stewards.

Later in the race, with Magnussen's own performance compromised, he executed a controversial overtake on Yuki Tsunoda by going off-track.

Subsequently, Magnussen intentionally slowed Tsunoda and other competitors behind him to facilitate his Haas teammate Nico Hulkenberg's advancement, allowing Hulkenberg to gain a significant advantage and secure the final point of the race.

While Albon did not contest the initial incident with Magnussen, he expressed dissatisfaction with the lenient penalty imposed on the Danish driver for his audacious off-track pass on Tsunoda.

"I think that was fair," he said, commenting on his early tussle with Magnussen. "It happens, a bit of a squeeze. I don't like how that corner is shaped. It sticks out to you. And I think it's very misleading.

"You've got to leave more space than you realise, because of how it sticks out at the end there. They could just shave it flat, I think that would be easier. No hard feelings.

"The other one was a bit cheeky, the other 10-second one with Yuki. I mean, you basically guarantee your teammate points for a 10-second penalty.

"Why wouldn't you do that everywhere? I don't think five to 10 seconds is correct. I think it needs to be you must return the position back, and just leave it like that."

He added: "I think any team would do the same thing if you sacrifice one driver for guaranteed points.

"Maybe the top teams won't do it. But the midfield teams who need to take points at any opportunity, you would do it every single time.

"I think you might see more drivers doing it just to guarantee a team-mate to have points."

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