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  • Adrian Newey: There'S One RB Feature That Needs Tweaking

Adrian Newey: There's one RB20 feature that needs tweaking

Red Bull's chief technical officer Adrian Newey has hinted at potential changes to the RB20, expressing dissatisfaction with "one feature" of the car.

This admission suggests that the team's dominant F1 car could undergo modifications as they strive for continued success in the upcoming season.

Widely regarded as one of the greatest F1 car designers, Newey's meticulous attention to detail has been instrumental in Red Bull's success over the years. 

Notably, he played a pivotal role during Sebastian Vettel's era, overseeing the design of cars that led to four consecutive drivers' titles for the team.

Now, as Max Verstappen continues to showcase his talent and dominance on the track with Red Bull, Newey remains focused on refining the team's racing machines. 

The potential tweak to the RB20 could mark Newey's final significant contribution to Red Bull's F1 project before potentially exploring new opportunities.

"There is always room for improvement. This car is the third evolution of the 2022 car under this rule-set," said Newey.

"We've got one more year, next year, until the huge change in 2026.

"We are always searching for little bits and pieces. The fundamental architecture of the car stays the same.

"For instance, there is one feature on the car which I'm not terribly happy with, this year.

"It's something which will either change this year or will be altered next year."

Asked about his impressive F1 career and upcoming Red Bull departure, Newey added: "I have been doing the job that I've always wanted to, since a kid. That's my passion.

"I enjoy working with the drivers, the engineers, the team, the mechanics. That's what gets me up and motivates me. 

"Statistics, and all that, isn't something that drives me.

"It's what I do. I just normally end up under the radar, and I'm happy with that."

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