Kamaru Usman describes "Hail Mary" KO that shocked the MMA world

Kamaru Usman described the head-kick knockout loss he suffered at UFC 278 as a "Hail Mary" from challenger Leon Edwards.

The Nigerian Nightmare was unceremoniously dethroned as long-time UFC Welterweight champion by Edwards, who produced a stunning head-kick in the final round to grab the belt.

It was a beautiful reminder that anything can happen in the world of MMA, as Edwards was losing the fight by a comfortable margin on the scorecards, only to finish Usman - who had never before been KO'd - in the dying embers of the five-round fight.

Speaking to TMZ after the UFC 278 blockbuster, Usman gave credit where credit is due.

"It was a great shot, I'm talking Hail Mary in the Super Bowl," said the 35-year-old.

"That was a great shot, man. It's not hard at all [to watch it]. Do you know how many people I've done that to? It happened, and that's the beautiful thing about this sport - that happens, but we forget what was actually taking place in that fight.

"I'm not down at all. It's almost like everyone is more sad about it than I am. Everyone else is more emotional than I am. To me, that lets me know that people care, that people are invested."

Given Usman was virtually lapping the competiton in the UFC's welterweight division, the next logical step is a rematch, which would end the Usman/Edwards trilogy. UFC overlord Dana White, along with the British-Jamaican Edwards, has expressed interest in fighting in London.

"What else makes sense? I mean, look at the division," Usman added.

"It's absolutely what's going to happen next. I talked to Dana and we're going to see, let him do his job, and we'll see what date makes sense. It's going to be the top of next year.

"He's wanted to fight in London for a while, and now he's got it. Now you got it, and it's a big one. It's a mega-fight. Congratulations to Leon. What a beautiful technique, what a Hail Mary. That's why I love this sport: anything can happen at any time, and it definitely did."

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