UFC Hall of Famer Daniel Cormier believes Tony Ferguson should throw in the towel

Tony Ferguson is currently on a run of four consecutive losses and is changing his training team in the hope of recapturing past glory.

Known as one of the more eccentric personalities in the MMA world, Ferguson's truly insane training regimens - which included crashing his limbs into metal poles to build up bone density - are the stuff of legends. 

"El Cucuy" often brought that unorthodox style into the octagon, performing seemingly ill-timed Imanari Rolls just to tangle up his opponent in unpredictable scrambles.

The lightweight contender was on a 12-fight win streak which was stopped in its tracks by the heavy hitter that is Justin Gaethjie at UFC 249. Ferguson - who is tough as nails - took an exceptional amount of damage and has not looked the same in the cage since. Last time out in May, Ferguson suffered his first KO loss following a textbook front kick from Michael Chandler.

This week, Jackson Wink MMA gym took to Instagram to share images of Ferguson training at his new home away from home. However, former heavyweight and light heavyweight champion Cormier doesn't believe the change in scenery will help the 38-year-old Ferguson turn back the clock…

"Man, this is a bit of a tough one, right?" said Cormier on his DC & RC show on ESPN.

"Because I tap in on him chasing down that past greatness.I just don't know if there's any more of that. I just believe that we all have a time. We all have a time, and I believe that time's gone.

"I don't believe that much is going to change for Tony Ferguson with the camp change. I just believe that his time has passed, and no camp change is going to change that."

The El Cucuy chapter may soon be coming to a close, but his fights will remain in the MMA archives as some of the craziest in the history of the sport.

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