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UFC 293: Israel Adesanya planning to do a TikTok dance over Sean Strickland's grave

There's no love lost between UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya and challenger Sean Strickland ahead of UFC 293 this weekend.

Adesanya's championship belt is on the line against the trash-talking American at UFC 293 on Saturday night in Sydney, considered a home venue for the Nigerian-born, New Zealand citizen who also claimed he represented China.

For the backstory, fans need to go back to the UFC 276 pre-fight press conference which resulted in unexpected and hilarious verbal sparring between the middleweights.

Later that weekend, Adesanya out-pointed Jared Cannonier in his fifth title defence, while Strickland lasted just two minutes in front of Alex Pereira before his head hit the canvas.


A year later, the pair are set to battle in the octagon for the belt and all the bragging rights, which you can be sure will be thoroughly exercised. 

First down Trash Talk Avenue this week was Adesanya, who told The MacLife that Strickland's tough guy facade merely covers up his insecurities. 

"I'm going to break my nails on his face," said the champions, who's frosted tips have drawn the ire of many.  

"For me, the guy is insecure. I've dealt with him behind the cameras, he's very insecure, comes up with a lot of stuff, but that's a him problem not a me problem. I know who I am, and I've done the work on myself. I don't give a f***.

"I've got to knock him out, just so I can do a TikTok dance over his grave."

Strickland's expletive-laden counter (youngsters avert your eyes) came at the UFC's media day on Tuesday, where he gave credence to Adesanya's kickboxing skills but heavily criticised him as a man.

"The guy that f*cking paints his nails and has closet homosexual thoughts is calling me f**king cringe?" said the Californian. 

"I don't cringe. I don't say anything cringe. I say things that are f**king true. Izzy is a f*cking prostitute. Izzy would sell his f**king ass for the dollar amount. If it was 1942, Izzy would be f**king goose-stepping down the street. If we've learned anything about Izzy: That man has no spine. He has no backbone. One of the best kickboxers in the world. I admit that. But as far as being a man, I don’t know what the f**k happened to you.

"Everything that guy does makes you f****** wince. Like, did he really do that? Is he really race-baiting Dricus [Du Plessis] right now? How does this play out for you?"

As for the fight itself, Strickland is all too aware of the danger he faces if he attempts to stand and trade with Adesanya, who has 16 knockout wins. As such, he's been working on his wrestling, a known weakness of the champion. 

"I do think people forget how good of a fighter I am because of how much I talk, but we'll find out on Sunday," added Strickland. 

"To the death. I run my mouth so much, I think people forget I can fight. Here's the thing guys - I've been wrestling my ass off. But I also wrestled my ass off with Alex [Pereira]. The problem is you get in there and your d*** gets a little bit hard and next thing you know, you turn it into a boxing match. Maybe I'm going to try to be a complete MMA fighter, but no promises."

Put the children to bed and break out the popcorn for the pre-fight presser folks, it's going to be spectacular.

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