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Tom Aspinall questions size of Jon Jones and makes fight prediction after first ever face-off

Tom Aspinall is confident he would ‘beat’ Jon Jones after meeting the UFC heavyweight champion for the first time.

The two men came face-to-face at the Arnold Sports Festival in Birmingham where they shared a short conversation and a photo.

Jones is currently out of action after suffering a muscular injury on his shoulder – a problem which forced his fight with Stipe Miocic to be rescheduled.

With the American on the sidelines, Tom Aspinall stepped up at UFC 295 last November to claim the vacant heavyweight crown against Sergei Pavlovich.

A championship fight between Aspinall and Jones is on the dream card of every UFC fan at the moment.

The interaction between the two men in Birmingham was conducted in goodwill... with the exception of one awkward moment.

As Aspinall approached Jones, the Brit placed his hand on the shoulder of his American counterpart. The UFC legend was quick to push Aspinall’s hand away.

The Brit also asked whether the pair could do a face-to-face photo. Jones rejected the offer, and the pair instead took a friendlier side-by-side photo instead.

Afterwards Aspinall told the UFC heavyweight champion: “I would love to have the honour one day.”

To which the American replied: “Maybe one day.”

Once out of the building, Aspinall was asked about the interaction. In a video posted on his social media, the Brit said: "He's nowhere near as big as I thought, I thought he was a lot taller.

“I'm a full-grown heavyweight, there's no chance he's as big as me, he's nowhere near as big as me. But size doesn't matter really, we're both massive guys, but I'll take that one. I think I beat him definitely."

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