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Salahdine Parnasse confirms future as French MMA superstar signs a new contract with KSW

The phenomenal lightweight and featherweight champion Salahdine Parnasse has signed a new contract for multiple fights with KSW.

After the first KSW event in Paris which took place in April 2024, top players of the global MMA were in the hunt to sign Parnasse.

The long negotiation process ended with a success for KSW as the organisation signed a new contract with the lightweight and featherweight champion for many years to come.

The signing is a huge boost for the organisation and it means that future events in France are certainly on the cards.

Salahdine Parnasse is a true gem in the world of MMA and one of the brightest stars of KSW. The spectacular Frenchman has 21 bouts under his belt and he won 19 of them.

In KSW, he became the champion of the featherweight and lightweight division. The 26-year-old is dominating the world of mixed martial arts and people call him “The Kylian Mbappe of French MMA” for a reason.

Parnasse has been a part of KSW since 2017. His last bout which took place in Paris ended with Valeriu Mircea having to recognize his superiority.

Thus Salahdine defended his lightweight championship belt for the first time in front of his own audience.

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