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PFL to launch two international leagues with Middle East, Africa and Latin America on the agenda

The Professional Fighters League are ‘in agreement’ with two other international leagues which they plan to launch in 2024.

PFL Europe gets underway this Saturday as the MMA organisation begin their continental expansion. 

The show in Newcastle will be the first of four events in 2023 as 32 fighters compete across four divisions for the $100,000 prize.
Eventual PFL champions will be given the opportunity to compete in PFL's Global Roster, where the prize is a massive $1million.
The company's senior vice president James Frewin has now confirmed that PFL's expansion will continue in 2024.

He told Planet Sport: "What I can tell you about the future is that we're in agreement with two other international leagues which will launch in 2024.

"More to come on that but I'm particularly excited about PFL Europe because the talent pool is so deep and it's such an exiting product."
Frewin believes PFL's expansion across the globe will elevate their position in the sport.
While the UFC is considered the top dog in the mixed martial world, the PFL chief believes his organisation will soon match Dana White's colossus.
"The PFL in just four seasons in the USA have become the number two global MMA promotion," he said. "These are facts based on all KPIs, the busine ss side, the audience side, rankings and fighters on the roster.
"But our strategy is to advance and grow the sport around the world. We are going to launch PFL Europe this year. Next year we'll be launching two to three more international leagues, whether that's Middle East, Africa or Latin America.
"Our vision is to invest in and develop the sport at a grassroots level across the globe. Meaning we will be delivering more events, with fans, with more locally relevant fighters.
"That's what we're excited about - I can't comment on other promotions. I think the beauty and the opportunity for the PFL is that there isn't enough great premium MMA out there. We're looking to compete and produce the best possible product with our global million dollar season, but we are in our own lane and no one is doing what we're doing.
"We will continue to be the number two around the world and very soon we will be the co-leader in the sport with the UFC."
PFL Europe will be shown live on DAZN on Saturday, March 25.

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