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PFL Exclusive: World title contender Stevie Ray details insane 100-hour fast

Scottish MMA star Stevie Ray has shed light on an extraordinary challenge which saw him go over four days without food.

Ray will be looking to stamp his name in MMA history books when he takes on Olivier Aubin-Mercier in the PFL Lightweight final in November. 

The 32-year-old won successive bouts against Anthony Pettis to book his spot in the $1million world title fight.

Ray, like most fighters, is no stranger to cutting weight and adjusting his diet in order to fully optimise his in-ring abilities.
However, back in May 2020 the Scotsman took his diet to a whole new extreme when he embarked on a 100-hour fast.

"I got the inspiration from Danny Mitchell," Ray told Planet Sport.

"He used to be a pro fighter, he's a black belt down in England. Somebody told him about a four-day fast. Four days is 96 hours, so then he decided to add four to make it 100 hours.
"I watched his YouTube clip, he documented it. I like challenges, especially stuff like that, and I was being a pig at the time. I had my last meal, I had some Indian food. Ate a good amount. After that, I did the 100-hour fast, just drinking water and black coffee."

Ray weighed in at 89.1 kilograms after his final meal. At the time, the man known as Braveheart was out of action after being released by the UFC and announcing his retirement from the sport.

Ray would go on to make his return in 2022 after signing with the PFL. Three bouts later, the Kirkcaldy-born fighter finds himself on the precipice of the world title.

At the end of his 100-hour fast, Ray weighted in at a much leaner 83.5 kilograms.
Looking back at the challenge, he said: "I lost like 10 or 11 pounds. Felt a lot better. Obviously, I had stages where I felt rubbish and hungry. But yeah, it was quite interesting.
"The first 24 hours to 50 hours is the hardest. There were times when it was hard and times when it was easy. Times when I had a spike in energy randomly. And then times when I felt rubbish and didn't want to move.
"But yeah, it was good. It made me realise when I think I'm hungry after four hours of not eating, some days it's just in my head.
"I was still going for walks and stuff. I wasn't doing anything crazy. I liked it from the mental and discipline side."
Ray will turn his attention to another major challenge in the form of Aubin-Mercier on November 25 at the Hulu Theatre in Madison Square Garden, New York.
As well as a cheque for $1million, Ray will also be looking to become the first Scotsman to hold a world title at a major MMA organisation.

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