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PFL Europe: Connor Hughes says ‘door is wide open’ to scoop $100k prize and bag main roster spot

Connor Hughes admitted he doesn't 'feel the pressure' as he prepares to make his PFL Europe debut.

Connor Hughes (7-0) has made a spectacular start to his professional MMA career and he will be intent on maintaining his momentum when he takes on Dylan Tuke in the PFL. 

The 26-year-old turned down multiple offers from other organisations in order to join the inaugural PFL Europe tournament.

Hughes is in the lightweight division which sees eight fighters compete for a bumper prize of $100,000 and a spot on the PFL's main roster.
The first set of lightweight bouts will take place on July 8 in Berlin on PFL Europe 2. Hughes will be in action against Ireland's Dylan Tuke.

When asked whether there is pressure on his shoulders considering he turned down a number of other MMA organisations, Hughes told Planet Sport: "I get it - I know why I've been asked that question a couple of times.

"But I don't really feel the pressure to be honest. I feel like I'm meant to be here. Everything I've done in MMA and before MMA has led me to this moment.
"I don't really feel the pressure of it all, I'm just really excited to actually get out there and show what I can do at that level. Show that I'm actually one of the best in the world."
Hughes was initially expecting to face Latvian contender Aleksandr Chizov. Nevertheless, he was paired with Ireland's Tuke who boasts a 5-3 record.
Looking at the lightweight division, Hughes said: "I think there are some fights that could potentially be tougher than the rest. But ultimately, I think the door is wide open for me to come in, show what I'm about and take this $100,000."
Hughes admitted he is a fan of the PFL format which allows fighters to progress no matter how many followers they have or what they do outside of the cage.
"It's what it should be about," he said. "I get it, you've got to sell the fight. You've got to get eyes on it, you've got to get bums on seats. But at the end of the day, if you're doing all that talking and can't back it up, or back it up against low level guys, you're just like everybody else really.
"What PFL are doing is huge. It's massive. For what they've done in the time that they've done it. How fast they're progressing, where they're taking things, the people coming in, the fighters coming in, Jake Paul coming in. It's huge and I think you're seeing now that the PFL are making their mark up there. It wouldn't surprise me in the next couple of yours if you see the PFL as the top organisation.
"To be the first lad from Liverpool in the tournament and representing the city, it's a proud thing for me."
Fans can catch Hughes vs Tuke on PFL Europe 2 live on DAZN on July 8.
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