Paddy Pimblett says Jordan Leavitt's head 'is going to fall off' during UFC London clash

Both Paddy Pimblett and Jordan Leavitt are natural crowd pleasers, and both are looking to win over the UFC London audience this week in their lightweight match-up.

With just days to go until Paddy Pimblett and Jordan Leavitt go head-to-head in the octagon, the trash talk has ramped up exponentially.

The pair are both famed for their witty one-liners and bizarre comments, which has drawn plenty of attention to their upcoming lightweight clash in London's O2 Arena.

The duo are more alike than they'd like to admit, but Paddy 'The Baddy' insists he's become annoyed at his opponent's antics in recent weeks.

"He's p***ed me off," Pimblett told reporters.

"When the fight got announced, I really didn't mind him. He had 12,000 followers, now he has 30,000 just off the back of my name, and the people who don't like me. He's got loads of followers just because people don't like me.

"He can talk all the s*** he wants, but he knows full well that when that cage door gets shut, I'm going to take his head home with me.

"He's only ever fought in the APEX. He's never fought anywhere else. He's never fought with a crowd, and now he's fighting with my crowd?

"His head's going to fall off, and I think it might be the first time someone ever s**** themselves in the octagon, [or] the first time they'll ever have to mop s*** up off the floor."

Both fighters have produced their usual levels of comedic comments throughout the build-up to the fight, with Leavitt promising to 'twerk' on Pimblett in the octagon.

But the Liverpudlian has a bizarre celebration of his own prepared for Saturday night.

"He's being a little weirdo like he is, but no one can out-weird me. I'm weirder then anyone," Pimblett said.

"I'm going to teabag him. I'm going to squat as close to his head as possible without the ref shouting at me. Just squat up and down like I'm on Modern Warfare 2."

With both fighters promising an entertaining fight - and equally entertaining celebrations - Saturday night's UFC London event is bound to produce fireworks.

The fight takes place on July 23 at the O2 Arena, with walkouts expected between 21:30 and 22:30 BST.

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