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Nate Kelly reveals timescale for professional transition after impressive PFL Europe debut

Nate Kelly revealed his plan for 2024 after marking his PFL debut with an impressive display against Callum Seaton.

The 19-year-old opened up the PFL Europe finals in Dublin in a showcase amateur bout, with half the arena turning out to catch a glimpse of Ireland’s potential new superstar.

Kelly certainly left a positive impression as he picked up a second-round submission victory.

The teenager is already a big name in Ireland after famously stealing the show during a UFC press conference.

At the age of 11, Kelly got on the mic in front of UFC supremo Dana White and Conor McGregor and promised he would one day become world champion.

Kelly is still an amateur, though he confirmed his timescale for his professional transition during the post-fight press conference.

He said: “I want one more year at amateur and then I’ll go pro. I’d like to get four or five more [fights] in next year and then I think I’ll be looking at the pro ranks to be honest.

“I’ll say 2024 I will have a run at the amateurs. If I get four more fights in, that’s eight fights. That’s more than enough for me. I’ve had thousands of fights. It’s not like I’ve had three of four MMA fights, I’ve had thousands of fights, fighting since I was five yeas of age.

“I walked out there at the 3Arena and it felt like nothing to me. That’s what I feel the jump to pro is. When you’re ready to take that step.

“All it really is, is knees to the head, elbows and longer rounds. All that stuff suits me. If I could do that in this fight here, it would’ve been over in the first round.”

Friday’s victory over Seaton was Kelly’s fourth amateur fight, with the teenager now boasting a 2-2 record.

His other win came against Thomas Cowell - a unanimous decision victory during the EMMA Four Nations Tournament last July.

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