Luke Rockhold tears into UFC boss Dana White: They're letting him run the show

Luke Rockhold has slammed UFC boss Dana White for a lack of healthcare and poor bonuses ahead of his UFC 278 appearance.

The former UFC middleweight champion is set to face the dangerous Paulo Costa at UFC 278 in Salt Lake City on Saturday.

In his pre-fight press conference this week, Rockhold cut an annoyed figure and after some probing from the press pit, it didn't take him long to start firing shots...

"Things should be easier," the 37-year-old told the press in an expletive-laden rant, as per

"The insurance should be year-round. There should be real health [care]. The giant is growing and if there's one thing that should be paramount, it should be our fighters' health.

"All these things get played and then it's like, we should have f***ing health [care] in every facet, so we don't have to worry about sh*t. Our lives and our bodies are on the line every f***ing time we step into that cage. If we're not f***ing protected, it's like f***. Come on. Wake up."

Rockhold mentioned how far the company has come, with the UFC's new owners - Endeavour - purchasing it for $4billion in 2016.

However, he claimed the benefits of the sale haven't filtered down to the fighters. Specifically, Rockhold took aim at UFC overlord Dana White.

"The company is f***ing growing, and they're implementing other little stupid-ass bonuses - $5000 here, $5000 there. $50 000, man? We've been stuck on this motherf***er for 20 f***ing years," continued Rockhold, who also earns money as a professional model.

"When Lorenzo and Frank [Fertitta] were running the show, there was real grounding wires. These guys don't know what they're doing, and they're letting Dana just run the show and suppress the sport.

"They need to grow. This whole f***ing thing needs to grow together. Our lives are on the f***ing line. Healthcare needs to be taken care of. Our f***ing health needs to be taken care of. Mine has not been taken care of."

With Rockhold having suffered violent KO losses in three of his last four trips to the octogan, that healthcare is clearly key for the American...

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