UFC news: 'I don't wait for anyone', says Jorge Masvidal amid speculation of Conor McGregor matchup

Jorge Masvidal "would love" to face Conor McGregor, but has his doubts whether the Irishman would rise to the challenge.

As two fighters that have no upcoming fight plans, it makes sense that Jorge Masvidal and Conor McGregor have been mentioned in the same sentence.

McGregor hasn't fought since suffering a broken leg in the rematch loss to Dustin Porier, while Masvidal also suffered defeat back in March to Colby Covington in UFC 272.

Now 37 years old, Masvidal won't have many fights left in his locker before retirement, but the American is eyeing up one last blockbuster clash before leaving the octagon for good.

Speaking to ESPN, Masvidal confirmed that he'll definitely return to the UFC this year, but is unsure of his opponent.

With McGregor now well into his recovery from his broken leg, the Irishman will be eager to return to winning ways before he too calls time on his fighting career.

But while Masvidal vs McGregor would certainly bring in a crowd, the former is unsure whether McGregor would accept the offer.

"He is false. He knows that I am a man who hits hard and that I come to kill. I do not come to hug in the cage," Masvidal said.

"I am going to give everything inside me to kill him. I have a little size, although now he's shooting up and putting steroids and all kinds of things (in his body), but he is still a little boy."

The duo have exchanged words over Twitter before, so there's certainly a rivalry brewing, but Masvidal insisted he isn't willing to wait around for anyone.

"I would love to fight at 170 pounds, but I don't wait for anyone. If he wants to do it, I'll break his face. If he doesn't want to do it, let someone come next."

While Masvidal does wait for his next opponent, he's ensuring he's in top shape for his next bout.

"The first thing that matters is me - to be in the best condition of my life, to improve the fight.

"Everyone knows that I can throw the hands, the kicks, the knees. People know that they can't beat me with their hands, that they have to throw me into the fight. It's something that I have to improve and find the formula for."

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