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‘Expect more violence’ – PFL star Dakota Ditcheva sends out warning ahead of global tournament bow

PFL Europe champion Dakota Ditcheva has promised to deliver ‘more violence’ as she prepares to kick off her first season over in the United States.

The Brit cruised to the European title last year, winning all three of her bouts by stoppage en route to the $100,000 prize.

This time, Ditcheva is competing in the global PFL season over in America – a competition which includes the best talent that the organisation has to offer.

“Definitely feels a little bit bigger,” said the 25-year-old when asked to compare the European and global tournaments.

“I’ve got quite a few familiar faces around here so its nice that I know a lot of the team. It makes me feel a little better, like I’m not too deep in the water.”

The prize money on offer in the global PFL tournament is a whopping $1m for the winner.

Despite this, Ditcheva is not paying too much attention to the extra zeros on the cheque. She added: “I’m not really thinking too much about the money. I’m probably thinking about the belt more to be honest. This is only the first round so I’ve still got a long way to go.

“I’m not thinking too far ahead at the moment. I’m just excited to be in a tournament for this much money – it’s going to be lifechanging.”

Ditcheva takes on Lisa Mauldin in her opening fight of the 2024 season. The bout takes place this Thursday night over in San Antonio, Texas.

“I predict I’m going to get another stoppage,” she said. “I don’t normally do predictions but after my run with PFL Europe I’m going to try and kick it off the same way.”

The former Muaythai world champion admitted she has come a long way since her title-winning run last year.

She added: “I’m more confident, got more skills, been working hard, my wrestling, my grappling, my striking. Everything’s getting better.

"Winning that tournament didn’t make me slow down and think I can rest a little bit. It made me work harder because I know what I want to achieve this year is going to be bigger.

“Expect more violence, a lot more vicious, a lot more skill and a lot more knockouts.”

Fans over in the United Kingdom can catch Thursday’s event live on DAZN. Over in the United States, ESPN+ will broadcast the show.

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