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Exclusive: PFL Europe’s Dylan Tuke underlines ‘world class’ credentials ahead of Paris play-off

Dylan Tuke returns to action on Saturday night as he looks to bag a spot in the final of the PFL Europe lightweight tournament.

The Irishman defeated the previously unbeaten Connor Hughes in his first outing of the $100,000 event and will now square off with Poland’s Jakub Kaszuba in the semi-final in Paris.

Kaszuba, similarly to Hughes, heads into the bout with a perfect 9-0 record, though that is not something which is troubling Tuke who simply said: “Records are for DJs.”

Numbers alone can often provide a false sense of security – or in Tuke’s case, the complete opposite.

The 27-year-old is currently 6-3, leading many to underestimate the Irishman. What few may know is that two of his defeats were dealt in controversial manner. 

“I think the funny thing about my record is two of the losses shouldn’t really count,” Tuke told Planet Sport.

“The Sodiq [Yusuff] one, early stoppage. And my last one should’ve been a disqualification because I got soccer kicked in the first five seconds.

“My record should be 8-1, maybe 7-2 if you want to give Sodiq the win. People want to look at my record and think whatever. Everyone who has trained with me and everyone who knows me, knows how good I am. To the standard that I am. I’m world, world class.

“I couldn’t care if people underestimate me. The minute I start moving in front of you, I think everyone realises how good I am.

“It was the same with Connor [Hughes]. I said it to him in there. I think I made him miss his first four-punch combination and I laughed and smiled at him and I go ‘you didn’t think I was this good, did you’.

“He goes ‘no, I knew you were good’. And I just said back to him ‘yeah, but not this good’.

“That’s what I think with most people. Once they’re in there and they feel me, they soon regret it, I can see it in their face.

“Of course, I’ve had spells where I’ve went in, not even gameplans but I just didn’t go with good coaching. Now with James [Doolan] I definitely feel unstoppable, I feel in a perfect place.”

Tuke’s semi-final clash with Kaszuba will be broadcast live on DAZN this Saturday, September 30.

Photo Credit: PFL Europe 

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