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Exclusive: PFL Europe contender Dylan Tuke on being bullied, MMA story and surviving on a tenner

Dylan Tuke will be looking to make a serious statement of intent when he makes his PFL Europe debut against Connor Hughes.

Dylan Tuke admitted his main motivation in PFL Europe is to create a path towards the world championship, rather than claiming the $100,000 on offer. 

'The Nuke' kicks off his PFL Europe campaign against Connor Hughes this Saturday night in Berlin.
As well as the money, the winners of the inaugural PFL Europe tournament will also bag a spot with the organisations main roster in the United States.
Tuke admitted he 'doesn't care' about the money and is more interested in one day becoming king of his weight division.
"I've survived on a tenner," Tuke told Planet Sport. "Made that tenner last a whole week.
"I just want the world championship to be honest. More money more problems. I'd take enough money to survive and live happy. Any money that I get I give to my sisters and my nanny anyway. I'm not money orientated.
"I buy all my clothes from Primark, which is pennies. One of the cheapest shops over here. I'm not a fancy bloke. I don't care for money much. I've seen what it does to people.
"I know that if I had too much money - I already think I'm better than everyone else - so if I had too much money, I'd be gone. Nobody would be able to speak to me."
The Irishman, who currently resides and trains in Scotland, has a 5-3 professional record and will arrive in Berlin on the back of a first-round submission defeat to Estabili Amato.
In Hughes, Tuke faces a tricky opening bout with the Englishman currently boasting a 7-0 professional record.
When asked about his beginnings in MMA, Tuke said: "I was just a little kid getting bullied in school. I actually never really had teeth, I always had no teeth, so it was a pretty easy thing to get bullied on. I was quite shy, had a lot of conflict at home. Pretty crazy life.
"My cousin was doing MMA at the time. I was quite shy, played a bit of football - what we would call Gaelic over in Ireland. Coming up in a rough part of Dublin, it was just how it was.
"I saw my cousin Paddy, he was really cool. I looked up to him my whole life. Idolised him. Always just wanted him to think I was cool. I saw him do MMA, I just joined wanting to be like him. Once I got through the doors, I just loved it.
"I trained until I was about 15 in a local gym, then I moved to SBG when I was about 16, fought when I was 17. Went 7-0 as an amateur. I turned pro at 19, fought until I was 21, fought some high-level names. Fought on some big shows. Then I took a big hiatus for about four years, hid underneath my bed for a while. Then I moved to Scotland two years ago, met with James Doolan. Loving life ever since. Life has been a party."
In spite of his vicious reputation in the cage, Tuke has previously pondered a career in the court room.
He said: "When I was growing up I wanted to be a barrister. Go into law and be a solicitor or barrister. Then I joined MMA and started liking it. I never really decided that I wanted to be a fighter. I just got really good at it and there was nothing else that I really preferred. I just loved it.
"I never thought about it but I always wanted to be a world champion. It all happened at a click. One day I'm playing football, then I didn't want to play football. I wanted to learn how to kick and how to wrestle.
"It's just been very unique. I've been very lucky and very fortunate to have the life that I have. Living in Scotland now, I have a beautiful girlfriend. I have to beautiful dogs, I have a great team. I couldn't ask for more, I'm very blessed."
Fans can follow PFL Europe 2 in Berlin - including the fight between Tuke and Hughes - live on DAZN this Saturday night.
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