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Exclusive: PFL Europe contender Dakota Ditcheva opens up on life in the USA and American Top Team

Dakota Ditcheva (8-0) will be looking to seal her place in the PFL Europe final when she takes on Cornelia Holm (6-5) on September 30 in Paris.

The Brit made a solid start in the $100,000 tournament after taking out Malin Hermansson in the first round with a rear naked choke.

Her attention now turns to Holm in the women's flyweight semi-final as Ditcheva looks to improve her unbeaten professional record.

The multi-time Muay Thai world champion is training for her fight in Florida with American Top Team.

While the 25-year-old is enjoying life in the USA, she admitted that move has also helped her training.

“Life in the States is like a holiday,” she told Planet Sport. “Waking up in the sun every day just changes training completely. I’m a 100% a girl for the sun and not waking up to a grey sky in the morning. It helps me train better.”

When asked whether living in the United States can bring about distractions, she joked: “Apart from the fast food, no.

“That is one of the reasons why I love it here so much. I come on my own, I stay in a little apartment. It’s just camp, full focus on camp.

“I’ve got a little pool outside where I can go and sunbathe, keep my tan up, go to training, come back. That’s just my life and that’s how I like it.

“I’m not one of these people that likes to go out and party or anything like that. Not a distraction in the UK for me anyway, but I just feel so focused here. Everything is just into training.”

Ditcheva is currently training with Marcus Conan Silveira – who was previously the coach for Amanda Nunes. The Brit is also surrounded by a number of elite fighters in the ATT gym. 

“Dustin Poirier, he’s in the gym,” she said. “Masvidal, he’s not training anymore but he’s in the gym. Johnny Eblen who fights in Bellator and is defending his belt soon. I could keep going and name loads, I’m so grateful to be in this gym.

“Everyone’s so friendly, we all treat each other the same. We’re all doing the same classes, we’re all on the same mat. If you need a bit of help afterwards everyone’s always there to help.

“Sometimes we’ll watch each other spar, sparring at different times and then they’ll give you a little bit of feedback afterwards. It’s just a really nice atmosphere in the gym, it’s nice. 

“Another one is Mike Brown, he’s just got endless amount of knowledge. He works with so many fighters and picks their brains. He’s the man in the middle of endless amount of knowledge. We’re lucky to have him here as well.”

Ditcheva’s bout with Holm and all the other bouts on PFL Europe 3 will be shown live on DAZN. 

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