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Exclusive: Lewis McGrillen opens up on Andrew Tate connection as Top G follows PFL Europe prospect

Lewis McGrillen is building a big following in the combat sports world with his big personality and impressive run of knockouts – including the likes of Andrew Tate.

The British MMA prospect returns to action on Friday, December 8 on the undercard of PFL Europe finals in Dublin.

McGrillen will put his 8-0 record on the line against Brazil’s Weslley Maia. The two men clashed in a heated press conference and many are expecting the bout to deliver fireworks.

The 23-year-old has built a big following on social media through a combination of his personality and eye-catching knockouts in the cage.

In fact, McGrillen’s performances even caught the attention of the most Googled man in the world, former kickboxing world champion Andrew Tate.

The self-proclaimed ‘Top G’ recorded a message after one of McGrillen’s recent outings, praising the youngster on his knockout.

When asked whether the video was real, the Brit told Planet Sport: “It was 100% legit. One of my friends of my management, Luke Barnatt, he is a former UFC fighter and is now one of the ‘Top Gs’ in the War Room.

“He knew I’m a massive fan of Andrew Tate. I had just won my fight and he watched it with Luke Barnatt I think. He gave me a little shoutout and sent me a message on WhatsApp.

“When I found out, I was so gassed. Started running round the park thinking ‘no way has he seen me, no way does he know what I am’.

“It’s mad. I feel like I’m living in a simulation. I’m living in the matrix. All these things that come together. It’s just manifestation and believing in myself and seeing things like this.

“Even when one of my knockouts went dead viral and it was all over ESPN. Conor McGregor liked it. Probably one of my favourite fighters of all time has just seen one of my knockouts. It’s just weird.”

Fans can watch McGrillen in action at PFL Europe 4 from Dublin live on DAZN on Friday, December 8.

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