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Exclusive: Dakota Ditcheva on trash talking, spending $100k and taking PFL Europe to Bulgaria

Dakota Ditcheva is just two wins away from claiming the inaugural PFL Europe title and the $100,000 bonus that comes with it.

The Brit takes on Sweden’s Cornelia Holm in the semi-final of the tournament this Saturday night in Paris.

Ditcheva, who is unbeaten and boasts an 8-0 record, got the better of Malin Hermansson in the first round of the event with a rear naked choke.

Should the 24-year-old prevail against Holm, the Brit will move to finals night in Dublin where she would face Valentina Scatizzi.

When asked by Planet Sport what she would spend her six-figure winnings on, Ditcheva joked: “I’m not gonna lie, I’ll probably spend half of that on food.”

The Brit added: “I’d make sure my family are good. To get to this point I’m in now, I couldn’t have done it without my family, so I’d make sure they’re good first.

“Then obviously get myself a nice car and make sure I have a nice house. Probably go back to the gym knowing me.

“I’d buy myself a few nice things but I’m just here for the simple life in the sun where I can train. That will do me.”

Embracing the trash talk

Trash talking is a big part of the fight game, though Ditcheva is keen on letting her actions do the talking.

“I don’t think I’ll ever be a trash talker and I hope I won’t be anyway,” she said.

“I hope to be entertaining a different way because it cringes me out so bad.

“Honestly, some of the interviews I watch after I’ve just thought, I just think ‘why didn’t someone take the microphone off me’."

PFL Europe in Bulgaria

Ditcheva officially represents the United Kingdom when in action for PFL Europe, though that doesn’t stop her from flying the Bulgarian flag as well.

The 24-year-old is connected to the nation through her father and admitted she would be interested in taking the tournament to Sofia.

She said: “I go there a lot, I already booked to go after this next fight for a week. I always try and go over to see family.

“If I don’t do the PFL $1m tournament next year, I would like to take PFL Europe to Bulgaria one day. There’s a lot of fight fans over there so hopefully I’ll be able to do something like that.”

PFL Europe 3, which includes Ditcheva’s bout with Holm, will be shown live on DAZN for fans in the United Kingdom.

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