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Xander Schauffele admits players thought Scottie Scheffler arrest was a prank

Xander Schauffele says when news of mild-mannered World No 1 Scottie Scheffler's arrest first broke, none of the players could believe it.

Scheffler was detained ahead of the second round of the US PGA Championship after trying to drive into Valhalla Golf Club in heavy traffic caused by an earlier, unrelated accident.

According to the police report, Detective Bryan Gillis stopped Scheffler's car and "attempted to give instruction" to the Masters champion, but Scheffler did not comply and "accelerated forward, dragging Detective Gillis to the ground".

To hear that it was Scheffler of all players who had fallen foul of the law was too far-fetched for most of his fellow players on tour to believe.

"The only thing he hurts is a golf ball and other competitors' feelings most of the time," Schauffele told

"But that's literally the extent of the damage Scottie Scheffler is capable of doing. He's a solid guy all around. I thought it was a prank."

Meanwhile, Schauffele also revealed that some of Scheffler's fellow players couldn't risk poking fun at him on a mutual Whatsapp group after the dust had settled, which included posting his mugshot photo.

Scheffler was also a member of the group, which included Schauffele, Justin Thomas, Jordan Spieth and others, and had to take the ribbing on the chin.

"It was a fun poke," Schauffele added. "It wasn't like a mean poke. It was fun. I mean, the mug shot was posted, you know, and then someone changed the name of the group chat, like, 'Please make it tomorrow, Scottie,' or something like that.

"We wanted to like be peaceful. And Scottie, when he's with us, he's so chill, you know, like, if our table makes fun of him, he's fine. But like, if someone else makes fun of him, we kind of look at him like, 'You can't say that.'"

It's certainly not all fun and games for Scheffler, however. He faces charges of second-degree assault of a police officer, third-degree criminal mischief, reckless driving and disregarding traffic signals from an officer directing traffic, with an arraignment set for June 3.

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