DP World Tour CEO Keith Pelley grilled by LIV Golf players during tense meeting

Lee Westwood, Ian Poulter and Sergio García were among 18 LIV Golf players involved in a tense exchange with DP World Tour chief executive Keith Pelley on Monday.

Telegraph Sport reported that LIV Golf chartered a plane to fly through the night from Boston to ensure that its golfers would be at the Wentworth clubhouse in time for Monday's annual general meeting.

The 18 players are also set to participate in this week's BMW PGA Championship, despite the tour initially trying to suspend them from competing in DP World Tour events.

They are currently permitted to play due to a temporary injunction with a full legal hearing on the matter still to come, but it's fair to say their presence isn't exactly being welcomed from all quarters.

It's an awkward situation to say the least, and in Monday's meeting the likes of Westwood, Poulter and Garcia - all of whom feel they should still have the right to compete on the DP World Tour despite their LIV Golf commitments - wanted answers from Pelley regarding the recently-announced "strategic alliance" with the PGA Tour, as well any possible sanctions coming their way as a result.

Because of the upcoming court case in February, however, Pelley was reportedly able to fend off most of their questions.

"KP batted well," a DP World Tour player told Telegraph Sport. "He stuck his ground and handled it with aplomb. However, a LIV player had a different interpretation of the proceedings.

"We didn't get in as many questions as we wanted and Keith just kept replying that 'we're in the middle of an ongoing legal case, so I can't give you an answer'," the player said. "He also said that the DP World Tour was a pathway to the PGA Tour, but wouldn't say 'feeder tour'. At least, his answers are down in writing now."

Westwood declined to comment on the meeting but has been outspoken on the matter in the past, criticising the strategic alliance between the PGA Tour and DP World Tour and what it actually means in practice for the players.

lee westwood

"I'm not convinced by the strategic alliance because I've seen how the PGA Tour has behaved over the years," he said. "There's not been much 'give.' They have always been bullies... I have been telling Keith and other members of his board how this is all going to go for 12 months now. I told him that getting into bed with the PGA Tour was a mistake."

Already, it has been announced that all PGA Tour players will need to play in a minimum of 20 so-called "elite" events on the new-look PGA Tour, a requirement which will make it very difficult for DP World Tour members hoping to honour their commitments on both sides of the Atlantic - something even loyalists like Jon Rahm and Matt Fitzpatrick have been forced to admit.

"The PGA Tour needs to live up to their role in the strategic alliance," reigning US Open champion Matt Fitzpatrick said on Monday.

"I think it's important that three or four DP World Tour events are part of the elite event mix. I was disappointed this year when so many spots in the Scottish Open were taken away from DP World Tour players. That was unfair. They got very little in return. They got screwed in my opinion. But I understand that's where the tours are going.

"Overall, I am concerned for the European Tour with regard to what is going on," he added. "I'm not sure where it is going to be."

Meanwhile, Westwood, Garcia, Poulter and the 15 other LIV golfers will tee it up at Wentworth on Thursday but have not been invited to Wednesday's pro-am and will not be part of the featured groups when play gets under way.

They will get another opportunity to question Pelley at Tuesday evening's player meeting.

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