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Tournament officials vow US Open conditions will be 'tough but fair' amid player concerns

Tournament officials insist the US Open will be "tough but fair" after numerous players expressed concerns about conditions.

Only four players have finished under par across the three previous US Opens staged at Pinehurst and 15-time major winner Tiger Woods predicted a "war of attrition" could break out this week due to the difficulties of the firm, fast and undulating greens.

USGA chief championships officer John Bodenhamer insisted player concerns would be listened to, but added: "We're going to be the USGA. It's going to be the US Open.

"We're going to be tough but fair. The players know that. I think they want that. I think that they want to win something special.

"We're tough but fair not just to be tough but fair, (but) because when you win, it means what Bob Jones won, what Ben Hogan won, what Tiger won. It just means more.

"It's not about score for us. It's about getting every club in a player's bag dirty, including the one between their ears.

"We are not looking to be everybody's best friend, but we are looking to earn their respect."

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