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Tommy Fleetwood reveals he turned down lucrative offer to join LIV Golf

England's Tommy Fleetwood has revealed he has rejected an offer to join the Saudi-backed LIV Golf Tour.

The 33-year-old, a member of Europe's 2023 Ryder Cup winning team, has resisted overtures from the lucrative Saudi Arabia-backed tour with talks over an alignment with the PGA Tour yet to reach agreement.

Fleetwood, who saw Ryder Cup team-mate Jon Rahm defect to LIV last month, told BBC Sport: "I'll always be doing what I think is best for my golf game and at the moment that is what I am doing.

"People have been getting approached for a long, long time now so I don't think it's flash news that people are still being approached by LIV.

"Some people will go and some people won't. At some point we'll either all play together, or we won't. I, like everybody else, will just wait to find out."

Recently, Rory McIlroy acknowledged the difficulty of getting all factions in golf's civil war aligned as the parties try to thrash out a deal.

"It's [about] trying to align interests and I think right now it's just very, very hard to align everyone's interests in the game.

"I think what we need to do first is align interests of the players and the business and the fans and the media. And then once you do that, then you can move forward.

"It's the aligning of interests which is the big key to trying to get to that dream scenario. If this global tour somehow comes to fruition in the next few years, could you imagine bringing the best 70 or 80 golfers in the world to India for a tournament?

"I think that would change the game and the perception of the game in a country like that. There's so much opportunity out there to go global with it, and I've said this for the last few months, but golf is at an inflection point, and if golf doesn't do it now, I fear that it will never do it and we'll have this fractured landscape forever."

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