Talor Gooch surprised by 'extreme' consequences of LIV event and had planned PGA return

Talor Gooch has revealed he was planning on returning to the PGA Tour after playing one LIV Golf event.

The American was playing some of the best golf in his career this PGA Tour season, having grabbed his maiden win on Tour at the RSM Classic in November and putting together enough consistent performances to be in contention for the lucrative FedEx Cup playoffs.

Enter, stage left: LIV Golf.

Greg Norman's venture has upset golf's apple cart and Gooch is one of the players that has seemingly got himself caught in the collateral damage.

At the inaugural LIV Golf tournament in London, Gooch placed ninth and pocketed a healthy $580 000 for his efforts. In a tone-deaf statement after another LIV Golf event, 4 Aces, the American further angered the old guard by favourably comparing the event to the Ryder Cup.

Like the other LIV Golf wantaways, Gooch was banned from the PGA Tour and then entered an unsuccessful court battle against his former Tour along with two other golfers.

With all that, one would expect Gooch to accept his current circumstances, a situation for which he's solely responsible. But in an interview with Sports Illustrated, the 30-year-old now claims his LIV Golf soiree was always going to be a side quest.

"I knew there could be some repercussions from my decision to play [in LIV]," said the Oklahoma native.

"Based on the history of what the PGA Tour has done, I didn't think it would be as extreme as it was. I knew anytime you make a decision like that, there can be consequences. I planned on coming back. I wasn't all-in with LIV. I wasn't signed to play any more tournaments.

"None of this was on the cards. None of this was expected. It's been tumultuous. A bunch of highs, a bunch of lows and everything in between.

"That was the sole reason why we were seeking the TRO (temporary restraining order). I knew I was going to be right on the cusp of getting into the Tour Championship.

"While we are waiting with LIV to see what unfolds, I knew my greatest chance of getting into the majors was getting into the Tour Championship, and I wanted to solidify my spot.

"Based on merit and play through the season before I moved to LIV, I played well enough to get in the Tour Championship.

"Majors are the pinnacle of golf, but I knew what I was signing up for would put that at risk. That's why it was very important for me to get to the Tour Championship. I played well enough to get there. You have to be hopeful that the major championships will recognise that. It's a bit chaotic right now."

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