Seamus Power on why he'd never join LIV Golf: 'It would be like being in Purgatory'

Don't expect Irish golfer Seamus Power to join the ever-growing list of players choosing to sign up with the breakaway LIV Golf series.

A civil war has erupted in golf after a number of high-profile players accepted lucrative offers to join the Saudi-backed league, which requires them to play just a handful of 54-hole events throughout the year for the promise of rich rewards.

But Power says he would never give up the dream of Ryder Cup golf for LIV Golf millions, to say nothing of the threat of lost ranking points and possible ineligibitity for the majors.

Playing LIV Golf, Power says, would be like being stuck in Purgatory - albeit a very well-paid one.

"I never dreamed of money when it comes to golf," the Irishman said according to "I love playing golf. I love the level of accomplishment and the personal reward you get.

"There's no guarantee you are ever going to make a Ryder Cup, but at least you can set it out as a huge goal and something you've always dreamed of. There was no way I was going to give up on that.

"If you signed up it would be like being in Purgatory - a well-paid Purgatory, yes - but you'd be there in January with 14 events to play and nothing more."

Power admits he was not one of the guys LIV Golf was throwing money at this year, but even if he were, he is not willing to risk his current career path and goals.

"I feel like I've just had my best couple of years and I want to see where it takes me which is hopefully to Ryder Cups and into more Majors," he said.

"The unknowns around the Ryder Cup and the Majors, for me that's too much risk and too much to give up."

As the 11th best European in the world, Power is not guaranteed an automatic Ryder Cup spot at this stage, but he's determined to do his best to try and secure one.

"Guys like Rory, Rahm and Hovland eat up world ranking points and the fact I won't play as much in Europe means realistically for someone like me, you're probably going to be looking towards a pick," he said.

"But you want to do the right things and make sure you've done everything to be in the best spot for a pick.

"Every European just dreams of playing the Ryder Cup. It won't be at the back of my mind but right at the forefront of my mind for the next 12 months so hopefully I can play good golf and give myself a chance to make that team.

"If I can get high enough in the world rankings, it almost forces their hand into picking you.

"It'd be some spectacle to be a part of."

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