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Robert MacIntyre defends reasons for Nicklaus' Memorial Tournament withdrawal

Robert MacIntyre insists his decision to withdraw from the Memorial Tournament shows the height of his ambition rather than any disrespect to the event's host Jack Nicklaus.

MacIntyre's victory in the RBC Canadian Open on Sunday secured his place in one of the PGA Tour's signature events, which boasts a prize fund of 20million US dollars (£15.7m).

However, after playing six tournaments in a row and with the US Open to come next week, MacIntyre opted to return home to Scotland for a few days before heading back across the Atlantic for the year's third major championship.

"I miscounted my tournaments that I've played there when I was doing the press conference last week. That was actually week six (not five)," MacIntyre said.

"And it's been a good six weeks. I had two top 10s, I had the chance at Myrtle Beach which was a top 15. The mental aspect of that six-week stretch was high, and then obviously winning last week was an even bigger high.

"If I played Memorial, US Open and the Travelers (Championship) that's nine weeks in a row. Not many players play nine weeks in a row, except probably me the madman.

"With everything that was going on, there was no disrespect for pulling out of Jack Nicklaus's event.

"This was all about what was right for me and the fifth week in a row at Colonial I thought was even a step too far after having a chance to win at Myrtle Beach, an outside chance at the (US) PGA.

"There was a lot going on and I just thought it was the right thing to pull back, have a week off. It could have been any event. Yes, I get that it's an elevated event and it's 20 million or whatever it is.

"But does preparing right for the US Open not show ambition? It's up to you."

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