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PGA Tour veteran Fred Couples slams LIV Golf in latest rant

Fred Couples has launched his latest barrage on LIV Golf, saying that the firebrand Tour isn't changing golf.

The former Masters winner has made no bones about where he stands when it comes to the Saudi-backed LIV Golf Tour, slamming the likes of Phil Mickelson and Sergio Garcia following their departure from the PGA Tour.

Now, the bottomless money pit of the Public Investment Fund and LIV Golf has hooked another big fish in Jon Rahm. Cue the outrage.

"$100 million doesn't get it, $200 million doesn't get it, $300 million doesn't get it, but for $400 million it's a great product, and it's a great show?" an angry Couples told the SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio.

"My a**, OK. Tell me the next guy, whether it's Tony Finau, 'I'm going for free, boys. I love this Tour. I don't like the PGA Tour anymore'. No one's gonna do that.

"I wanna see the next superstar say, 'I'm going to LIV, you know why I'm going? Because it is unreal.' (The PGA Tour plays) Riviera, and they play TPC, Phoenix in front of 300,000 people. I want 'em to go for free. Then go on CNN, and every TV show, and say why they're going is because it's that good.

"Don't sit there and then go on and say 'they're changing the game'. What are they changing? Actually, for 50 years, golf has been changed. Arnold Palmer changed it. Jack Nicklaus changed it. Tiger Woods changed it. The LIV Tour ain't changing a thing."

It was reported that the PIF offered Rahm - who was initially against the breakaway - a hefty sum of around $400 million to join the tour. It seems everyone has their number...

All the money being poured into the LIV Golf seems to have paid off for the Saudis, who are now in negotiations with the PGA Tour and DP World Tour about the structure of men's golf with a 31 December deadline.

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