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Patrick Cantlay declares fielty to PGA Tour as LIV Golf negotiations drag on

Patrick Cantlay believes there is a certain type of player who joins LIV Golf… and he isn't one of them.

The American seems entrenched in the PGA Tour, serving on the policy board for the first time this year. Despite this, it hasn't stopped LIV Golf's great white sharks from circling.

"I declined offers," confirmed Cantlay in Golf Magazine.

"Pre and post-joining the board. And the most recent offer I got, I declined in the same meeting that my management team brought it to me.

"It's a personal calculation based on your values, your priorities, et cetera. So I don't think it's a surprise that there's a certain type of player that's tended to go over there, on the whole. For me? I have no plans on joining LIV. I don't plan on joining LIV. I see myself playing on the PGA Tour."

All that said, every golfer has their price. Just ask Jon Rahm, who had similar feelings about LIV Golf but ultimately crossed the divide last month in a surprise move.

Golf's leading Tours and Saudi Arabia's seemingly bottomless Public Investment Fund are currently in negotiations for a merger. An initial deadline of 31 December 2023 was missed, perhaps an indication that things are difficult behind closed doors.

Addressing rumours that he is dominating the negotiations, Cantlay said one player can't take control.

"I think if you just look at the facts that are out there, it would be impossible for any one player to take control," he continued.

"I mean, it would be impossible for all the players together to take control; we only have half the seats on the board, and any major vote around any of the things we've been talking about requires a two-thirds majority. And also, considering that the tour has hired (investment bank) Allen and Co., and given the tour has been driving discussions since even before the framework agreement was announced, I mean, given that set of facts it's just impossible for that to be the case."

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