Jordan Spieth on the Masters: “It's my favourite tournament in the world.”

Last week’s Texas Open winner wasted no time getting to Augusta National – he’s all set to seek out a second Green Jacket.

You think maybe Jordan Spieth likes the Masters?

He didn't dwell in Texas after his victory on Sunday. Instead he followed the yellow brick road to Augusta National.

"I love being here," he said on arrival, Monday.

"I love being on the grounds. It's my favourite tournament in the world."

Of course, we didn't need the hint that he likes the Masters - we knew it.

He finished second in the tournament on debut in 2014 and won it a year later. Since then he's been second again and also third.

Spieth and Augusta go together like Beefeaters and the Tower of London or perhaps just Jim Nantz and the Butler Cabin.

What we didn't know, for sure, was that he was back in the big time, but the win at TPC San Antonio proved he was.

"Yesterday was a great day," he said. "It was a lot of fun being in contention, having the putts kind of go in.

"As I've mentioned over the last six weeks or so, you put yourself in that position enough times, the bounces will go your way.

"That's kind of the motto I've always lived by, just try to be involved as often as you can, and you end up holding the trophy at the end every once in a while. It's just a while since the last time it happened.

"We got in late and didn't really have the normal celebrations, certainly with this around the corner so it's about trying to soak it in, but get refocused for the year's first major."

With those four top three finishes in the tournament allied to four top five finishes in the year, Spieth has become one of the favourites to end the week on top of the leaderboard.

He's best price 11/1 to win the tournament with Bet365 and 18/1 with Unibet to claim the first round lead (something he's achieved three times in seven attempts).

Let's take a look at what he said in his press conference on Monday.

On loving the fast and undulating Augusta National greens

"I've really fared well on the greens. Whether I've come in putting well or even in tough putting years, the ball seems to find the hole here.

Spieth is at home at Augusta National.
Spieth is at home at Augusta National.

"I think a lot of that has to do with speed control. Mid-range, long-range putting, touch-putting is more important here than it is just about anywhere else.

"And I would say that over anything else has been my biggest strength over the years."

On being patient with getting used to being back in-contention

"You get one 54-hole lead and everyone thinks you're supposed to win right away, when you haven't had a 54-hole lead in a long time.

"It was just more like, all right, everybody chill out.

"It's a hard game, and I've done a really good job closing in my career. I've never doubted that ability. You're going to have bounces that go your way and some that don't."

On the moment that may have triggered the bounce back

"It really stung when I missed the World Golf Championship. I didn't qualify for a World Golf Championship event this year and I think that was the first one that I didn't qualify for.

"I was healthy and could play. Just didn't have a spot in the tournament.

"That kind of hit me and it was a driving factor in the continuing good form."

On not getting ahead of himself after the comeback win

"It's about taking the patient route. Just try and do something a little bit better this week than you did the week before, trust something you didn't trust the week before. Pull it off and gain that confidence.

"I like the progress I'm making. I don't feel that I have control of all facets of my game, but I'm working the right direction.

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"Will that make a difference this week? Don't know. But I'm working at being a little bit better than I was last week."

On a little noise returning to the course

"The Patrons play such a massive role in this tournament, the echoes, the roars down in the valley, and especially come the weekend. It won't take many people for it to feel close enough to normal to be a fantastic event.

"It's fun. We've got family and friends coming in, everyone is just as excited as every other year, if not more so, because they might even be able to see more golf around that Amen Corner stretch."

On sticking with those around him in the bad times

"I believe in my team. They have proven themselves to be the best in the world."

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