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Joost Luiten denied Olympic spot despite court victory over Dutch Committee

Joost Luiten has again been denied a place in the Olympics after the International Olympic Committee turned down a request to add him to the field.

Luiten took the Netherlands' National Olympic Committee (NOC) to court earlier this month after it refused to select him for the Paris Games, despite the 38-year-old having qualified via the International Golf Federation (IGF) rankings.

The NOC deemed Luiten and compatriots Darius van Driel and Dewi Weber had "no reasonable chance" of winning a medal at Le Golf National and would therefore not be put forward to compete.

Luiten won his court case and posted a celebratory message featuring the Olympic rings on Instagram, but his victory appears to have been in vain.

A statement from the IGF on Monday read: "When the International Golf Federation received notification of Joost Luiten's court ruling in the Netherlands and his entry from the Netherlands' National Olympic Committee, his unused quota spot had already been reallocated pursuant to the IGF's published qualification procedures.

"The IGF was not a party to the legal action brought forth by Luiten in the Netherlands.

"Nevertheless, in an effort to support Luiten, the IGF sought an exception from the IOC to increase the field size of the men's Olympic golf competition from 60 to 61 competitors to include Luiten, however the request was denied by the IOC today.

"The IGF has advised Luiten of the IOC's decision and he has not informed the IGF whether he intends to pursue this matter further."

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