Greg Norman: Golf World Rankings credibility at risk if LIV Golf not accepted

The Official World Golf Rankings are at risk of becoming obsolete if the results of golfers playing in LIV events are ignored, according to Greg Norman.

While the PGA Tour and DP world Tour have spent months bashing LIV Golf and its players, it has yet to be decided by the powers that be if world ranking points will be given to LIV Golf players. As more high-profile names upset the apple cart, there is a need for clarity around the rankings issue.

The OWGR is the gold standard of world golf rankings, which in turn determines participation in golf's four majors. As such, it would likely be pivotal for the future of LIV Golf for results to be included.

To further LIV Golf's case, Norman pointed out that the OWGR would not be a true reflection of the sport if points weren't attributed.

"It makes OWGR look obsolete if they don't [accept LIV]," Norman told The Age newspaper in Melbourne.

"If they wake up at the end of the year and Dustin Johnson is 102 in the world, is that not a laughing stock to the OWGR?

"There's two ways they can go: they can either fold, or they include LIV into OWGR. We'll move on. Everyone's happy after that."

If the Majors end up not accepting LIV Golf players, or make it impossible for them to qualify, it would be a potentially derailing blow to the fledgeling tour. The PGA Tour has been particularly aggressive on its anti-LIV Golf stance.

"They [the PGA Tour] have no right to tell each of those majors what to do," added Norman.

"They're independent organisations. Yes, certain members sit on their board. I get it and I understand that.

"If you were a broadcaster you would be questioning the value of your investment for television if you don't have the strongest field in each and every one of them. I hope they stay [neutral] like Switzerland."

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