Butch Harmon gives his verdict on hopes of a Tiger Woods comeback

The Sky Sports commentator and former coach of 15-time Major Champion believes it will difficult for Woods to get back on the course after his recent car accident.

Tiger Woods' former coach Butch Harmon hopes we will see the 15-time Major Champion back on a golf course again, but he admits his former pupil may have pushed his body through one trauma too many after his recent car crash.

Details of the recovery programme for the former world No.1 have not been released, with the circumstances behind crash that left Woods with serious leg injuries and could have cost him his life the subject of much discussion since the incident in late February.

Woods and Harmon worked closely together as the former collected a bulk of his titles at the start of his career and he admits he fears we may have seen the last of the biggest name in the sport on a golf course.

"We have had no information about how severe everything is, so it is hard to know if and when we will ever see Tiger back on a golf course," Harmon told us at a Sky Sports events.

"First of all, he is lucky to be alive and one thing we need to say here is you can never say never with Tiger Woods, there is no doubt about that.

"But this time it just doesn't sound good. We don't know what surgery he has had, whether playing golf again is realistic and first of all, I just hope he can walk again and have a good quality of life. That has to be his first priority.

"It would be wonderful if he could play golf again, but we don't know if that will happen. Everyone who loves golf hopes it can happen."


Harmon believes Woods has had his image revamped by his experiences away from the golf course in recent years, with his fall from grace amid a sex scandal making his comeback win at the 2019 Masters all the more memorable.

"He has been humbled, there is no doubt about that," added Harmon. "His private life has humbled him and people might see him in a different light now.

"This incident with the crash is something completely different. This is a situation that has been taken out of his hands and we just have to wait and see what happens.

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"Our hopes and prayers go out to him and my first hope here is that he can have a good quality of life and maybe he can surprise us all and come back to play golf again.

A comeback too far?

"I didn't think he could win another tournament, and then he won Tour Championship in 2018. Then he came out a few months later and won The Masters again.

"You can never write this guy off, but at 45 and with a bad back after a terrible accident, I just don't know whether he can come back again.

"Hopefully he can because he drives our needle up when he is playing, he drives huge interest in our sport and whenever Tiger Woods is involved, TV ratings fly."

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