Links golf: Do the top stars love the unique test or does it frustrate them?

A look at what some of the leading lights said about playing on links courses after day one of the Scottish Open at The Renaissance Club.

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Tommy Fleetwood to win the Scottish Open at 14/1

Lee Westwood to win 2nd Rd 3 ball v Robert MacIntyre and Collin Morikawa at 21/10

With last week's Irish Open taking place on an inland track, the chance for players to test their links skills had to wait.

But, although this week's Scottish Open is being played on a course less than 15 years old, The Renaissance Club still demands links-style shots and thinking.

And with next week's Open Championship at Royal St George's on the horizon, it's given the field in Scotland a chance to reacquaint themselves with the type of golf that's required to win the Claret Jug.

Here, Planet Sport Golf looks at what some of the main contenders for this week and next said on the subject of links golf after day one at the Scottish Open.

Lee Westwood - 65

Q: Your demeanour, you don't seem to get too annoyed; is that important? Because occasionally you may get a bad bounce but that's links golf, isn't it?

"Yeah, that is links golf. You get some bad bounces, you get some good bounces. You get some bad lies and you get some good lies in the rough. It's just a game, isn't it. I've been out here too long to get stressed out about what happens on the golf course anymore."

Jon Rahm - 66

Q: As a great links player, would you like it to blow?

"I would like it to be as similar to Royal St. George's next week, whether it's windy or not, I hope it gets as close.

"I highly doubt we are going to have four straight days with these conditions. I doubt it. I know it happened a couple years ago but I hope we get at least one day of wind, hopefully Sunday, where the pressure is a little higher and things matter a little bit more and hopefully we get a windy day to get us ready for The Open."

Tommy Fleetwood - 66

Q: Is this in your DNA, the links? How much do you love this experience of links golf?

"I enjoy it. I'm from a links town. I grew up on the only parkland course in the town pretty much, but I've played a lot of links golf in my life and I do feel comfortable out there, whatever the conditions.

"You get a beautiful morning like today and it's a pleasure to be out there and at the same time, the harder the conditions get, kind of enjoy that in a sick way, as well, like the different skills that that requires.

"Yeah, I've always felt like good and at home on links golf, and at the end of the day, my favourite tournament in the world is always on a links course. Hopefully one day that can be mine."

Matt Fitzpatrick - 66

Q: Do you like the challenge of links?

"Unsure. Unsure. I like it when it's fair. I don't like it when it's unfair; when you can hit a decent shot, it doesn't get a bounce, and yeah, occasionally, occasionally it gets like that.

"But on the whole, I think one thing I do think about links golf is the way the course is designed. More often than not, you just have to plot your way around and you have to think a bit more. Kind of take those bunkers on; do I need to thread it, do I stay short. So I definitely like that aspect of it.

"When it's windy, you definitely have to keep it under the wind. It's definitely an advantage that I have in my game and I can fly it well."

Xander Schauffele - 67

Q: This type of golf, you may get a bounce you don't deserve, you might get a lie. You just have to take it, don't you? It's all part of what you do on links golf course?

"That's correct. That's what I would consider the acclimation period being over here versus the States. Just take the bounces as they come."

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