Ian Poulter: The Postman’s best Ryder Cup quotes

From his debut at Oakland Hills in 2004 to his part in Europe’s win in 2018, we relive the Englishman’s best moments in his own words.

Ian Poulter has enjoyed some great moments as an individual golfer.

He's racked up 12 European Tour wins and three PGA Tour titles. That haul includes a pair of World Golf Championships.

The Englishman has also finished runner-up in the Open Championship, one of seven top 10 finishes in the Majors.

But mention Poulter's name in any golf conversation and all roads lead to the Ryder Cup.

'The Postman' has delivered time and time again for Team Europe. He's played in six Ryder Cups and often been the standout star in helping his team win five of those showdowns against the USA.

In the three Ryder Cups from 2008 to 2012 he amassed an incredible 11 points. That included four in surely his finest hour: Europe's fightback from the dead to produce the 'Miracle at Medinah'.

Poulter's bulging eyes and astonishing will to win have gone down in Ryder Cup folklore.

And skipper Padraig Harrington will hope he can rely on more Poulter magic at Whistling Straits after handing the Englishman a wildcard pick for this year's event.

From his debut in 2004, we follow Poulter's Ryder Cup career:

2004 Oakland Hills (P2 W1-L1-H0 Pts 1)

"It's not the sort of day I wanted to have. We just couldn't get anything going. It was a tough day." - after losing his first Ryder Cup match: a 4&3 defeat to Tiger Woods and Chris Riley in the foursomes alongside Darren Clarke

"One of the best days of my life. It's been unbelievable. I was really fired up for it today, very disappointed I didn't win a point yesterday and wanted to help the team today. That's what I focused on. I was told not to look at the boards.

"I'm very happy that I put a point on the board for the team, and Bernhard (Langer)'s been unbelievable this week. It's awesome." - after winning his singles against Chris Riley (3&2) and helping Europe to a dominant 18.5-9.5 victory

2008 Valhalla (P5 W4-L1-H0 Pts 4)

"I want to go out there and play golf and I want to go out there and make as many birdies as I possibly can and I also want to bring five points to the side if I play five times. I'll be playing with passion and wanting to bring home the points." - ahead of his second Ryder Cup appearance

"We got off to a great start in foursomes this morning but unfortunately we couldn't continue that. We came out this afternoon and played awesome. I'd like to keep this pairing (with Justin Rose) going." - after bouncing back from a morning defeat to score a convincing 4&2 win over Steve Stricker and Ben Curtis in the afternoon four-balls.

"It's been an awesome two days and to have three rounds with Justin, good friend, it was pretty special. And to go out with G-Mac (Graeme McDowell) this afternoon and bring another point was incredible.

"G-Mac played awesome, holed putts at the right time. I managed to chip-in on the holes I needed to and holed the putts at the right time. It was an incredible day." - after winning both his day two matches

"This is emotional. I felt that I had to do something this week and I've given everything," - on justifying his captain's pick from Nick Faldo and winning three of his first four matches.

"I played great this week. It's not just about an individual; this is about a whole team, and unfortunately we've come up shy this week, and that's very disappointing." - after finishing as top European points scorer in a 16.5-11.5 defeat

2010 Celtic Manor (P4 W3-L1-H0 Pts 3)

"There's a burning passion inside to go out there and to beat the USA team. I mean, it's as simple as that. I got excited to dream about playing The Ryder Cup back at The Belfry when I first went when I was 17. And you know, to hear the roars; Nick made a hole-in-one, and I felt back then, I would love to be the other side of the ropes with The Ryder Cup team taking on the USA.

"It's a dream for many people, and to be able to do that and to go out there and do it passionately, it means an awful lot." - looking forward to taking on the USA in Wales.

"It was awesome. I knew it was going to be, and I truly think it's an amazing experience to be able to be out there to tee off under those conditions. It is difficult getting your ball on the tee but I tell you what, it's an experience you'll remember forever." - relishing the atmosphere on the first tee

"There's nothing better. When there's 40,000 fans out there and every time you approach the tee, every time you approach the green, they are just giving you a standing ovation, and that's just awesome.

"To get some electricity from these guys is just truly amazing. - on the buzz following victory (with Luke Donald) against Bubba Watson and Jeff Overton

"I said this morning on the range, actually, that I would deliver a point. You know, I said it last time, I'm pretty passionate about this format. I love The Ryder Cup. I always have. I've watched so many matches over the years, Seve, Ollie, Colin, Nick, all the guys; they just pour out passion upon passion in this event.

"I love it. I love it from the first tee. I love it from the songs. And I love it with all 11 teammates. It truly is the best tournament in the world, and will always be. I love it. I said I was going to win today, and I won a point. But more importantly, the team, as a team, managed to win the trophy back." - celebrating a tense 14.5-13.5 victory and a 5&4 singles win over Matt Kuchar

"This is a special day for European golf. To put on a display in Wales, with this many fans, is just truly unbelievable.

"Seve is at home watching this, and he can't be with us right now, but every player out there today has watched what he is for European Tour golf, and this means everything to him, and we have played from the heart today. And do you know what, we brought this trophy back. This is a special day." - more celebrations at Celtic Manor

2012 Medinah (P4 W4-L0-H0 Pts 4)

"I just love this event more than any other event in the world. I get very excited to play. I just love it. I was transfixed in '93 watching my first Ryder Cup, and things haven't changed since. It's absolutely magnificent to be wearing this jersey with a crest on it. It's always a very proud moment to be part of a great team." - ready to do battle at Medinah

"I think Chicago is a great sporting town, and this is going to be a very loud week. So I would expect them [the US fans] to be very vocal. I think everybody's ready for that. And I think for me, it adds to the electricity, adds to the adrenaline rush, and I can't wait to be obviously part of the fun for three days." - expecting a raucous atmosphere at Medinah

"Smiling highly. This for me was a tough game; it was tough for both of us. Tiger has had two of my three defeats and I never wanted to have another one. So it was going to be a tough day.

"But as Justin (Rose) said, I've got his back and he's got mine. He asks me to hole a putt, I'm going to go and deliver." - after beating Tiger Woods and Steve Stricker to give Europe a 2-2 share of the opening foursomes

"Why not stand there and enjoy the fun of what it was. My heart rate went from I would say 100 to 180 pretty quickly, but I mean, it was a great buzz for sure." - on copying Bubba Watson and whipping up the crowd to roar rather than fall silent for his opening tee-shot

"We needed to get something going. I mean, it was very flat at the back there today and we was down and it was really hard. But we had to make birdies, and, wow, I mean, five in a row, it was awesome. I mean, it comes from within.

"And you know, if we can do anything to get this trophy in this position, and Seve is looking down on us, then you've got to do what you've got to do." - after producing birdies at the final five holes to score an incredible win over Jason Dufner and Zach Johnson and reduce the European deficit to 10-6

"It was getting dark. You know, it was getting a little tricky to see the line, but it was in the right place, and for me, to have a putt that's just slightly right to left as a right-hander is a good putt to have.

"I mean, the speed wasn't an issue, it was downhill, so I just had to obviously focus on the line.

"That point is huge for the team. It's given the whole team a massive boost, to be able to go into tomorrow knowing that you can win from this position. It's been done in the past, it's going to be done again, and we've definitely all got a chance tomorrow to go out there and try and get our hands on that trophy." - on the significance of the 15-foot putt at 18 which completed the fightback against Dufner and Johnson

"It's been a truly inspirational day. It's been history in the making. There was a buzz in the team room last night that didn't feel like we had a fourâ€'point deficit.

"For some reason, everyone was calm. Everyone was cracking jokes. We just felt we had that tiny little chance, and do you know what, the boys have proved today, and made history. It has been unbelievable. I just can't actually believe what's happened. It's just unbelievable." - celebrating in the aftermath of Europe's incredible 14.5-13.5 victory

2014 Gleneagles (P3 W0-L1-H2 Pts 1)

"I'm very proud of my record and proud that I've put a lot of blue on the board. I'm passionate as a team player, and yeah, to be mentioned with the likes of Seve and Monty and those players is an absolute honour." - on his status in Ryder Cup folklore ahead of the battle at Gleneagles

"Obviously I haven't played my best golf. So you know, you just have to get something going. You have to stay positive. You have to keep telling yourself the good stuff's coming. But it took quite a while. So I don't use a psychologist. I don't need a psychologist. I understand what it takes to get me going. I've got a big heart and I love this Ryder Cup." - on finding a spark when not at his best

"Absolutely sensational. The team have done an incredible job. They come out exactly like we thought they would do and the boys did good. Looking at the board, Rosey was down early and he managed to turn that match; G-Mac, as well. So the guys dug in real deep today and it was just incredible." - celebrating victory at Gleneagles, Poulter's fourth in five Ryder Cups

2018 Le Golf National (P4 W2-L2-H0 Pts 2)

"I was at a dinner in December 2016, and I was asked a question on stage: What's left for me in golf? And you know, I answered the question, "I feel I've got more wins in me." And I said then, "I'm going to make the team in Paris."

"That's been a goal for the last 18 months, 20 months. It's been something which has kept me going from a motivational standpoint." - on regaining his place on the team for the match in Paris after missing out in 2016

"Do you know, the second I got to the golf course, I was okay, but the whole build up, I didn't have my best stuff in the practice rounds, two weeks off leading in. My mind, it's been a long time since I played a Ryder Cup. Four years is a long wait but the second I got going this morning, I felt good.

"It's great to play with Rory. I mean, the buzz around the golf course is just incredible." - after winning his match alongside Rory in the day one foursomes against Bubba Watson and Webb Simpson

"Just look at the scenes right now; the buzz on the golf course the whole week has been simply incredible. I think the fans have been amazing. You know, this is a special team.

"There's a young bunch of kids. I was fortunate to get a pick as an old man to come and play, and you know what, I helped out a little bit and these boys were absolutely incredible.

"To bring this trophy back, to keep that run going the way we have, you know, we're a strong force in Europe. We knew we were the underdogs and that made us even more determined this week." - celebrating a 17.5-10.5 win at Le Golf National

2021 Whistling Straits

"Seven Ryder Cups, you know, you can sit at home and just only dream of, right. It's incredible. This trophy has meant a lot to me through the years.

"For Paddy to call me today and say, listen, I want you part of my team, it's emotional. You can see it on Sergio's face when you talk to him what it means to him. 11 Ryder Cups. It's a stacked team. I'm excited. I'm proud.

"As you said, my chest has been getting work the last few weeks, trying to do as many press-ups as I possibly can and hole as many putts as I possibly can to bring as many points as I can to this team." - on getting a wildcard pick

"I played football as a kid. I love being part of a team all the way back then. That didn't happen for me. Turned to golf.

"Right from 2004, to put that shirt over my head really kind of changed my life from a golfer's perspective. I've made more friends, closer friends at The Ryder Cup than I have in all of the years that I've ever been playing an individual game of golf - on loving the team element of the Ryder Cup

Ian Poulter Ryder Cup record

Ryder Cups: 6 (five wins)

Matches: 22

Won: 14

Lost: 6

Halved: 2

Singles record: Won 5, Lost 0, Halved 1

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