'It can turn around', Wayne Mardle says unpredictable Premier League table is good for the sport

Ahead of Night 12 in the Premier League Darts, just one point splits Jonny Clayton and Michael van Gerwen at the top of the table.

The new Premier League format has gone down a treat this season, and it's producing some fascinating darting drama each and every night.

After 11 nights of action, Jonny Clayton tops the table with three nights won and 26 points, but Michael van Gerwen is right on his tail with the same amount of nights won and 25 points.

What's more, Michael Smith is the only player yet to win a night this season, with even the eighth-placed Gary Anderson boasting a win of his own.

It's meant that each night has produced unpredictable results, and former darts star Wayne Mardle believes that it's helped the game's excitement.

"The results are not the same and that's the thing, if it was the same result it would be like this is dull but it's not.

"Jonny's fought hard. Against Gary (Anderson) it didn't come easy, against Peter he was in trouble and Michael had a dart at the bull to win it," said Mardle.

With just four more nights of action, the prestigous play-off places are still up for grabs, and while Clayton and Van Gerwen currently lead the way, it's impossible to predict who else will finish the season well.

The next round of action takes place on April 28, with Dublin playing host to the eight stars.

And with the business end of the season fast approaching, Mardle suggested that "one good week" is enough for any of the players to turn their campaign around.

"It can turn around, have one good week like Gary had then it can change the complexion of the whole Premier League. Even if they seem detached, a couple of good wins and they are back in it."

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